Sunday, May 11, 2014

Trail names

I think trail names were invented to ensure any crazy stories that come along with the trail are never linked to your real life name. In the past two days I've gained two trail names I like. The first is bluff hard and the second is that guy which I've been going by more often. Growing up my mom always told me "don't be that guy" but the story behind it doesn't carry the negative image. We had been hiking in a fairly large group of about 10 or so. One of them is auto and he's the elder of the group (often called gramps). Well long story short is I was hiking with him and a few other for about four or five days and he remembered everyone's name except a few, me being one of them. So during a group dinner we had him try to name everyone and when he got around to me all he could come up with was "that guy". And that's how my trail name was born. He claims he can only remember trail names so I think he has mine down now. I'm still unsure about it so it will stick until something better comes along. 

My pack seems to be holding up after I fixed it up. Just some minor squeaks, but no cracking. 

We slack packed (hiking without packs because they get dropped off later down the trail) the first 10 miles of today so it's been an easy day. Big bear was a fun little town with some really nice views as we hiked out of town. 

This is out crew minus sunshine and lost and found. 

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