Thursday, May 22, 2014

The Saufleys

Yesterday we spent the day at the Saufleys, also known as hiker heaven, and had a good time.when you zero it gives everyone time to catch up and  It's nice to see faces you haven't seen in a while. The Saufleys has been by far the nicest place so far. They had cots, tents, a guest house, and even bikes to ride into town. 

They even give you loaner clothes to wear while they do your laundry. 

Tonight we're heading to the Anderson's and from what I've heard it's a whole different kind of trail angel. They're wild and crazy trail angels. 


  1. Still amazed at your stamina. Keep up the great blog, and be safe.
    Love, Aunt Maryleigh

  2. I had fond memories at the saufleys as well. Once you get across the desert you will be coming up to the best part. The sierras!! Best wishes. Be safe.