Thursday, May 8, 2014

Confused about the weather

Two days ago it was 102 and today we had snow. It went from a nice sunny day to angry clouds and snow storm in the matter of a hour. 

We camped next to a place called animal cages and from what I've heard it's where retired circus animals are sent. There's been a lion or bear or something yawning and making noise all morning. My guess is because he's freezing. It was a cold night last night and I'm rethinking my ultralight 35 degree bag. My silk bag liner helps but I was still wearing all of my dry clothes. 

Not the way I wanted to see a bear in the woods but here's one. 

And a little trail magic


  1. OMGosh Aaron, you look like Grizzly Adams! Looks like your having fun! Love, Mom

  2. Aaron, It is great following your journey (including the ups and downs). Hope it keeps getting better. What an awesome accomplishment....keep trekkin'.

    Dave McAdie

  3. Crazy weather! Hey, is that the couch that was mentioned in an earlier post?