Thursday, May 8, 2014

My pack broke

Yesterday I was about 8 miles from big bear I heard my pack crack and about two miles after that the whole plastic backing split in half. It's an important piece because my shoulder straps hook in the slots on that plastic, so I was basically doing the elementary school, cool-kid one strap. In town I stopped by a ski and mountain bike shop to see if the guy could make somethin work. After a few minutes and a couple applications of epoxy we might have fixed it. I'll find out tomorrow. I called granite gear and they're shipping a new one to wrightwood, but that's 80 or so miles away. It will be interesting. I have some backup epoxy and I stuck a few metal plates on there for support. Wish me luck. 


  1. fantastic pictures Aaron, thought you might of let the bear out to roam though! keep it up and be safe.

  2. Hi Aaron, hope your fix for your backpack is working out. Enjoy following your adventures Love Grandma