Sunday, July 13, 2014

Sierra City to the Brattens

We made it in and out of Sierra City in one piece and without losing a bunch of miles. Our next stop is Belden where we'll find out last trail angels for a while (the Brattens). 

Doing 26 mile days starts to wear on you both physically and mentally. Doing 18-20s made it seem like there wasn't enough time in the day, 26 is a whole new ball game. But we are making some good progress which is nice. You also get to catch up with people you haven't seen for hundreds of miles. 

The half way mark is coming up at 1330 and it's one of the major mile markers for me. That and getting out of California. 

Tahoe was amazing


  1. Hi Aaron ! The photos are awesome. I'll be glad to see you're getting closer to home. Take good care of yourself we miss you. Love grandma

  2. We are so impressed with you and this wonderful adventure you are experiencing! See you in a few months, Jim & Christie Mc