Sunday, July 6, 2014

1000 miles and Tahoe

We made it to the 1000 mile mark which was exciting and a big milestone for the trail. This achievement was quickly followed by the realization that we have only made it 1000 miles in a little over two months, with 1660 to go. The last few days we have averaged a tad over 24 miles a day and it's looking like it will be a 25 mile a day average to make it to Oregon before August. 

I think leisure tour is officially over. 

The Sierras were beautiful but I'm glad to not have granite steps to deal with anymore. The trail seems to be getting easier the further north we go and it's reminding me more and more of the desert in Southern California. 

We'll be in South Lake Tahoe today for a quick resupply and maybe some lunch. 

The first three steps of every morning are always questionable. You never know if your feet and legs are going to give out or if you'll be good for the day. Today was a new record of 32 miles in a day and I have a feeling I might fall over tomorrow

Cooking dinner before bed as I wait out the mosquitos in my tent

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