Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Half way and then some

A few days back we hit the long anticipated half way point and marked the 1325 mile. I carried a 12 pack of beer up the 6000 foot climb so we had something to celebrate with (I also left some trail magic at the top of the hill for a few lucky hikers behind me). 

We're still doing big miles to make it to Oregon by the first. I'll be meeting my parents and uncle once I get to Ashland and I'll finally get a day off. It's been over 500 miles since our last zero day and by the time we hit Ashland it will be around 800. I can't wait. 

Today Byrd and I took a detour to go see the bridge where they filmed stand by me. Turns out they tore up all the tracks so we didn't get to do a train dodge but we got a couple good pictures. 

And now the trail...I have a few good pictures of sunsets and waterfalls. We went past Lassen and will be at Shasta in a little over two days. 

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