Saturday, April 26, 2014

We got rain!

Last night was the first rainy night in the desert, and it poured. It's been a fun time down at the kickoff. I've met quite a few people from Eastern Washington and even some I had classes with up in Bellingham. That being said, I'm ready to get back on the trail. This week has seemed like a month. Time goes rediculously slow out here and zero days (days without hiking any miles on the trail) last forever.

I found out last night everyone was getting free socks and snacks from the Keen vendors who showed up later in the day. Wish I would have known that before I dropped 20 bucks on  a pair of socks. Lesson learned...

I'm worried about getting a ride back to scissors crossing. Right now the ride board shows one person taking people back but there's a list of about 20 who need a ride. I think today will be a day of planning for tomorrow. I want to get an early start since I'll have to drive back to the trail. That way I'll beat the heat and get some solid miles in to make it to warmer springs in two days. 

The trail angel stocking the water cache at scissors crossing is stopping as of last Wednesday because people have left a ton of garbage and a couch. He was getting pressure from the rangers to clean everything up so he's just going to stop all together. This means a 32 mile waterless stretch for everyone just starting out. I lucked out because I only have to make it 22 miles. I'm at scissors crossing tonight and it's looking like a long windy/sandy night. 

Here's a shot of the class of 2014. 


  1. That really sucks that people can't pickup their trash and end up ruining somehtign so important for other people!

  2. Hi Aaron!! Grandpa & I are enjoying your adventures. Miss you take good care of yourself. We are so proud of you and are looking forward to your next blog. Love Grandma