Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Blown off the hill

Last night was windy to say the least. We hiked about 3 miles past the water tank with hopes of finding a little relief. Long story short, the ground was sandy and I woke up to my tent slapping me in the face and all the stakes ripped out. But we did get up early and start hiking this morning at 6:30. 

Today has been a lax day. We have about 14 miles to hike and another 12 mile hitch into town which I've heard is easy. I think my plan is to restock and stay in town for the night then find a ride back to the kick off in Lake Morena. That will give me a chance to rest me feet and get some real food in. I've been passing a lot of people hiking southbound to get to the kick off. Most of them have do the PCT a few times or did it last year (they come back to celebrate). I'm excited to meet more of them and hear their stories. 

I've been seeing these cactus plants along the trail. The flowers on them are bright pink. It's nice. 


  1. Just started following your progress. I'm excited to see what adventures await you (as well as stealing tips and trick you use!)

  2. Aaron,
    Prickly pear, don't get to close. Congratulations on this incredible journey.
    Look forward to following your trip. Be careful.
    Love, Aunt Maryleigh

    1. Those were everywhere. Along with ones with yellow flowers...they look cool but I think it would wreck your day if you bumped into one. Good to hear from you Maryleigh, hope all is well.

  3. Have fun at the kickoff. Say hi to meadow ed for me. Get to know some hikers there, you may need them in the future. The food at the hot springs is pretty good. Sorry I am living vicariously through your blog from my cubicle here in Richland. If my advice gets annoying just let me know. I am excited for you that's all.

  4. The tips are awesome. Keep it up! And Tim good idea. I'll start sharing little tricks that I start using from day to day