Sunday, April 20, 2014

Day 1.5

The first day out on the trail started great then was brutal. The heat of the day finally caught up to me and the pre hike jitters faded away. I also saw more lizards then I have in my entire life. I made it to lake Morena around 630 and was greeted with a bowl of pasta and a cold beer from Sherpa. He works with the pcta and was there for the night. He's the first trail angel (people who do random acts of kindness for thru-hikers) I've ran into. I have some gnarly blisters on the back of both my heels so I'm taking it easy today. Only putting in 12 miles. I'll do the other 11 tomorrow to reach Mt. Laguna.


  1. Good morning from Richland, Aaron! My husband and I are sitting on the couch reading your blog.
    In one hour, I'll be taking my husband (Mark Painter: to the airport and he, too, will begin his PCT hike. He'll hike from the border to Lake Morena on Friday and stay for the kickoff. Then, off into the unknown!
    Good luck on the trail, Aaron. We both look forward to your posts. Happy trails to you.
    JimaLee Painter

    1. That's awesome! And thanks! I'll try to find him at the kickoff if I can find a ride back down there. Tell him goodluck for me

  2. Aaron, you've got a long haul ahead of you. Conserve your body when you're able. I'll be following you (along with many others) hoping that you'll reach your goal. Best wishes to you. Kirt Shaffer (Pasco).

  3. Aaron, my wife and I hiked the trail in 06. (we also live in the tri cities) Start out slow, build your tendons up. There will be plenty of time for the 30 mile days layer. Say hi to the saufleys for us when you get there. You are going to love the trail.

  4. Hi Aaron,
    Greetings from your old neighbor in Kennewick. I read your story in the TCH this morning and wanted to wish you the best of luck. What an unbelievable adventure. I hope you have a great journey - both physically and mentally. I will try and keep up with your posts. Have a great trip and may the wind be always at your back. Godspeed to you.
    Dave McAdie