Monday, June 23, 2014

Tackling the high sierras

This past week we've been doing a pass a day, which usually means climbing climbing a couple thousand feet then dropping back to where you were elevation wise. It's been beautiful but one of the hardest sections physically. 

A questionable bridge we had to cross

Muir hut as we came over muir pass

Since it's been over a week because of my lack f service, I have plenty of pictures to share. 

Coming into mammoth my pack frame broke I have granite gear a call and it turns out they're going to swap me out a new pack that has shoulder straps sewn into the fabric. Should be getting that right after we come out of Yosemite valley. 

Our plan for the next couple days is to take a detour off the PCT and finish the JMT (John muir trail that runs from Yosemite to Whitney). This will give us the opportunity to climb clouds rest and half dome, which was one of the stops I was excited for before starting the trail. 


  1. Amazing pictures! Thank you for sharing your journey!

  2. Hi Aaron, I have been following your journey, what an awesome experience!!! You have seen and done things only a few people will ever do. Keep trekking and have fun.

    I remember in my younger days, a 12-pack (and a bottle) was mandatory on our backpacking trips, but we were only hiking about 8 - 10 miles in and then camping for a couple of days!! :)

    Take Care.

    Dave McAdie (your old neighbor)