Sunday, June 8, 2014

Made it to the Sierras

I finally made it through the worst section so far, as well as Southern California. The bear can I have to carry through the Sierras is rediculous and hardly fits in my pack. Our next stop in Whitney (the highest peak in the lower 48) and then out to either independence or lone pine. I'm a little worried about my 35 degree bag in the snow but I have a liner and a tent so I'm going to try and squeak by with that. 

I also got my fly pole with my resupply. I'm looking forward to snacking on trout but I won't be able to get my license till lone pine. I've been making friends with hikers who are carrying pans with them. 

Here's some pictures from Kennedy meadows and the start of the mountains. 

25 percent done with the trail at mile 665. 

We got to meet yogi and jackalope doing trail magic at walker pass. 


  1. Way to go Aaron, lost track of you for a few day's, glad everything is going well :) wonderful pics. keep up the amazing journey. where all thinking of you ever day. Have a happy and safe trek. looking forward to catching up with you in Oregon.

  2. You are just about to go into the best part of the trail. Enjoy it and be safe crossing all the passes and streams.