Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Oregon to Crater Lake

After hiking more than three months through the state of California we were 37 miles short of the Oregon border. Turns out that much of the west coast went up in flames around te same time, including much of Northern California and Southern Oregon. We were stuck in a tough place deciding wether to risk it and hike past the fire that was a few miles east of the trail or hitch the 65 miles to Ashland missing the long anticipated border. After hours of going over the same two options we played it safe and went around. 

Most people went around the trail closures missing anywhere from 65-500 miles. Needless to say Ashland was packed with hikers. There's another fire scare around mile 1800 that we'll be running into tomorrow. Hopefully it's a calm day and we can get past it quickly. 

I'll try to update this on fire news when I can. If everything goes well we should be done with Oregon around the 20th. It's also where I'm planning on attempting a 40 mile day. 

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